About us

We calm your body and soul with pure indulgence!

If your busy life demands something exceptional to unwind and rejuvenate your body and mind, then welcome to the luxurious Blue Bells Thai Spa operating in the heart of Mumbai suburbs. We deliver a luxury day spa treatment to those, who appreciate the finer and luxurious things to soothe and calm their body, mind, and spirit.

Our expert massage provides the secrets of rejuvenation and relaxation within an exquisite Thai spa ambience. Our Blue Bells Thai Spa is a hidden gem under the vibe of the city of dream, Mumbai.

Our Success Story

The successful journey of Blue Bells Thai Spa began in 2016 when our highly dedicated and trained professional dream to get back and inspire others to connect with themselves. We set the foundation of our first spa parlour on 8th April 2016 in Dahisar, which successfully paved the way for those, who consider wellbeing as a priority rather than a treat. We are now proud to be the emerging day spa network in Mumbai with 2 more successful spa centres running across the city in the short duration of just 3 years; one is in Kandivali opened on 18th March 2018 and the other one is in Goregaon opened on 6th April 2019.

What We Do

We pride our high professionalism, quality products, superior customer-centric approach, individual collaboration, combined with the caring environment and meticulous workmanship, which has earned an everlasting reputation in this highly competitive industry. It has created an ideal surrounding, where you would love to surrender yourself for the ultimate relaxation.

Some of the specialities of our service, which make us stand from the crowd may be summed up as below:

  • Building strong relationships with our clients.
  • Working as per our promise to our customers.
  • Operating innovatively and with a pioneering spirit.
  • Our positive approach to every challenge.
  • Strong work culture and excellent business ethics.
  • Effective spa massage therapy
  • Trained and experienced therapists

Our Speciality

Blue Bells Thai Spa is renowned for offering an oasis of tranquillity, a calm haven of serenity, where you can unwind and relax to escape from the pressures of this hyper-busy world. Allow our trained experts to take you on the journey of blissful relaxation with their specialised massage services. Our therapies offer exquisite finishes and textures. For an ultimate relaxation immerse yourself in our spa massage therapy with a calm and serene ambience.